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Creating art is a wonderful form of self-expression. It is great to do for one’s self satisfaction as well as in educational settings. I offer a variety of courses for your needs.


Whether  in a small class or in an educational setting, teaching art helps students explore their own feelings and desires.  I offer a variety of unique classes aimed at meeting the needs of diverse students.  I am also available for customized classes and one on one teaching experiences.

Two Hour Workshop

You will learn the basic skills of papercutting to create a card or simple picture, for example. I provide the template from which you will cut. We can decide on the template theme together or I can choose it if you wish.


Six Week Course

During this weekly two hour class, you will learn how to develop and draw your own design to create your own personalized papercut. This course can also be based on a theme (e.g. nature scenes, Jewish symbols).

Customized Program

Perhaps your organization wants a more in depth papercutting experience. You might want to create a communal mural at a school or offer a one week intensive at an elder hostel. I can create a program to serve your needs.


Contact me to discuss your ideas and for pricing.

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