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During the early 1990’s I went to an herbalist who recommended herbal treatments for my aching back and offered the unsolicited advice that I should start creating art. I had stopped doing anything artistically creative in the mid 1980’s. Eventually, I took his advice when in December of 1995, I attended the winter Yiddish folk festival known as Klezkamp. I took the papercutting course and the rest is history- as they say.  


I am strongly influenced by the Jewish tradition of papercutting and am also inspired by nature, yoga and the shapes and colors I see in the universe.


In am a self-taught artist and teacher. Art is the vehicle where I express myself, my values and my worldview. I teach because I am passionate about the process of self-expression as a creative way to encounter the world.  Through teaching and lifelong learning I have worked to create a better world, a better community and a better sense of self. To that end, I enjoy working with others and collaborating on commission pieces. I also enjoy engaging with other artists and I am the past President  of the Guild of American Papercutters.

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